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Mums and Garters for Students with Special Needs


October, 2012


When Plano Senior High School student Vicky Blitshtein came up with the idea to make homecoming mums and garters for the students at her school with special needs, we jumped at the chance to help!


Here's our story as told on Fox 4 DFW

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Way to Go Little Elm High School!


March 8, 2012


When things like this cease to make news, that's when we'll know we're really doing well.

Read here about how Little Elm High School is providing functional, real life experience and training for students with special needs.

A Different Outlook on Prenatal Down syndrome Screenings


October 19, 2011


Being screened for Down syndrome in the developing baby is now the norm for pregnant women. The vast majority come away with peace of mind and a sense of relief. But for those who don't get the news they were expecting and hoping for, a tough decision must be made. Most families choose to terminate the pregnancy when faced with that choice; certainly not an easy decision, but made because of the belief that life with a child with Down syndrome would be nothing but difficulty and heartache.

In this article, a different view is presented - a much more hopeful one! And knowing many families with kids with Down syndrome myself, I'm not surprised at all by findings of these studies - that there is actually a lot of joy in raising a child with Down syndrome.


Read it here!



August 31, 2011 7:56 PM


Horses have been revered for centuries for their intelligence, beauty, grace, and strength. We also know that horses have an unusual ability to read and connect with us. So its really no wonder that they are also being used in therapy as a modality for improving everything from verbalizations, motor control, sensory integration, and posture. Its not something we hear about every day, though, so it was nice to see this article pop up - check it out!

Great resource: Adolescence to Adulthood for People with Autism

August 10, 2011


While some families are thinking back to school, others are thinking even more about the longer term transition of their teenager with Autism becoming an adult.


Autism Speaks is an endless resource and this is yet another example; check out this Transition Tool Kit on the transition from adolescence to adulthood for people with Autism.