"Before, she would walk through Target in her walker and by the time we got to the checkout line, she was sweating and panting," [Mom] said. "Now she goes to the line and runs out to the car and is fine."


Sure sounds amazing, and it is! Using robots, the kids at this facility are able to practice repetitive movements more accurately than with a human therapist. This repetition is great for "muscle memory" which helps the brain and body work together to learn new ways to move.

As a pediatric OT, my only concern about this is where does play come into the picture? To me one of the most important aspects of therapy for kids is the integration of play and fun, the stuff of childhood! If I'm ever in the area I'd love to stop in and see how these robots interact with the kids. I have no doubt of its effectiveness but wonder how the kids experience it. That being said, though, no doubt its a pretty cool advance in the rehab field!

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